|  Benchmark Mapping offers maps intended to be utilized by multiple industries with the most accurate, up to date and informative data only  |

|  Our favorite projects are ongoing contracts where we have developed a custom set of maps created repeatedly |

|  Contact us here with your custom mapping projects. We work with different industries to create geo-visualization products |

|  We're happy to provide a free consultation to find the best geographic and cartographic solution for you and your business  |


| System MOdernization |

| Updating small companies to more current systems, including but not limited to Esri products - Arcmap, ArcOnline - for mapping, Microsoft, Adobe Creative Suite and certain web apps like Slack, in order to bring your small company into the modern age of technology. We will work with your team to determine the best solutions for your office’s long term implementation |

|  Property Maps  |

|  Custom property maps for designers, architects and contractors who need utility lines, elevation, property boundaries, hydrography and building footprints. A variety of information is available depending on your area  |

|  Area Analysis  |

|  Locational analysis for regional market research including  median household income, crime risk, resident and commercial demographics and economic analysis  |

| Archaeology Maps |

|  Mapping archaeology sites can be difficult when information is gathered on site. But combining history and technology gives archaeologists the best understanding of a people's cultural location  |

|  Wedding Maps  |

|  Custom wedding maps and invitations for your guests. Available for print or digital display on your website  |

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